Looking for a few Intermediate players for Saturday 2/27/21. I have reserved Court time from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM. Pls send a message if your interested in joining us. Thanks


I’ playing tennis at 9:00 but if you need someone I can play after that


Great, thanks Charlene!


Scott, Therese, Pam, Paula, Bob--you all playing tonight??


Unfortunately, I work until 8 weeknights otherwise I definitely would be up for it.


Anybody playing this weekend


Hello all. My friend Andrew and I are playing pickleball at GMCF tonight, this Wednesday evening Feb. 24 from 5pm - 6pm and we’re looking for 2 more Intermediate/Advanced players to make it doubles. Anyone interested in joining us? If so, please email me at moosemaplevt(miuku)gmail(piste)com since I may not be able to check in on this message board today. Thanks!


Hello, I'm an intermediate player and was wondering if there are any intermediate groups playing weekday mornings. I was hoping to play Tuesdays and Thursdays but could probably make MWF work if that is when people are playing. I work at 11 so the 8-10 slot would work great for me. I'd also like to play a day on the weekend. If I can find groups to play with consistently 2-3 times a week I will purchase a pickleball membership. Thanks!


Hi Matt - Great to have your interest! Things are a bit challenging to find group play since many are self-organizing and reserving courts for their respective groups. I know that there are intermediate players out there and hopefully they can chime in here if they are looking for some additional players to join them. We will continue to ask around to see what's available for you to jump in on. Eventually we will return to having some open games on this site for people to drop-on on and meet new players.


Thanks for the response Nick. I would certainly be interested when there are some open games and hopefully I can find some groups to play with in the interim if not longer.


Hello GMCF Players!

We are checking in to provide you all with an update on our play up on the hill. We continue to offer reservation play on our 4 courts and are seeing good usage throughout the week. We do look forward to when we can open up drop-in play via Player Lineup, but we're looking for some better numbers on COVID case counts before we go that system. In the meantime we invite you to form a group and book some time!

Also, many of you joined GMCF this fall on our 2 month Intro Membership and we want to let you know about options moving forward. We do offer a 3 month for $47 All Access offer for new members coming off of that 2 month deal. Note that these two intro deals are only available to new members so these will not be available to you in the future. But we also want to bring up our Pickleball Membership which is a great long-term solution for your PB fix. On a month-to-month basis that membership is $65/month, so the $47 deal is your best short term solution. However, for $45/Month you can get yourself year-round Pickleball with a 12 month commitment.

Now hold on there you say... "I play outdoors all summer!" But do you? When the rain kicks in what's your play like? Are those big-wind days really worth it? And during those few wicked-hot weeks we get each summer would you be more comfortable with a roof over your head? And if these factors are non-factors for you, we want to sweeten the deal a bit. With a 12 month Pickleball Membership you will gain access to our Pickleball Machine for no extra charge! Not to mention discounts on punch cards, class memberships and special events at GMCF.

We invite you to do the math... If you play at GMCF October through April that's 7 months, and at the monthly rate you would pay next fall of $65/month that totals $455. For 12 months of guaranteed pristine conditions you would invest $540 total, a difference of $85. With the added perks, and the knowledge that you were supporting GMCF in a consistent fashion. And it doesn't mean your outdoor game is going away... It just means that now you have a backup plan when the elements conspire against you.

So you have options, but most importantly we want you to be with us right now! It has been a hell of year, and your presence in our organization is helping us stay afloat. So regardless of your membership choice we will continue to support your passion for this sport of Pickleball. Feel free to stop by the front desk, call us at 223-6161 or email info(miuku)gmcf(piste)life if you have any questions on how to take your next steps!



I’d think about the three month pass but I’m not seeing people signed up for beginner. I was beginner/intermediate last March when we stopped playing. I’d like to get my shot first then masked I’d play.